Guestrooms, Tree house and a Star dome in Cévennes

Located in the Cévennes, L’Oustaou de Joséphine features two guestrooms in the main house , Zen and Family (each one is suitable for 2 up to 4 guests) plus a Tree house ( up to 2 guests) and a wood and glass Star dome ( up to 2 guests), representing a total capacity of 8 adults plus 4 children. Each accommodation has private bathroom and toilets, and offers a breathtaking view on the southern Cévennes valleys.

  • Bed linen, blankets, duvet covers and towels are provided in each room. We can change linen every three days, and towels every other day. The room and bathroom are cleaned every day.
  • If you travel with a young child, we can set a crib or a small bed in the room.
  • Your pet is welcome, but only if she is kind and tolerate other pets. Don’t forget to take a leash, though, if you plan to hike in the Parc National des Cévennes.
  • You can park your car under the century-old linden tree, on our private parking place located right below the house, along the communal road.

Check-in is generally between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM, but if you plan to arrive sooner, please just let us know in advance. Check out is at 11:30 AM.