Tree House

What a perched night

From the road, take the path, go through the kitchen garden, pass under the blackthorn and the blue leaves of the eucalyptus, bypass the cherrytree to reach the last terrace under the top of the hill. At the corner behind the hollies, climb a few steps and there you are, on the Belvedere.

Masaou, the House Tree, is nested between the branches of two huge trees, a chestnut and an aok tree, both more than one hundred years old. On one side, the suspended deck looks down on the garden by 4 meters. There, you can enjoy the lights and shadows casted upon the Cévennes valleys by the sun course, from dawn till dusk.

There also, in the morning, you will use the pulley to hoist, through the wisteria and the clematis, the breakfast basket Elisabeth prepared for you. A table is set on the east side of the deck, so you can enjoy the sunrise. The Tree House is about 20 m2, with a double bed (140x190cm) facing the south horizon through a large bow window, sided by the branches. The east and west panoramic windows will give you a quite comfortable sensation of outside-inside, especially at night if you wish to gaze at the stars. In the beginning of August, the falling stars provide a show you can admire from your bed! The windows have no shutter, but thick individual curtains.

By the ladder made in a beech trunk, the youngest can climb into the mezzanine, which is 110x190cm, 160cm high. Two small futons are set side by side, perfect for two children… or one adult.  The toilets and the bathroom, equipped with a shower and a sink (hot and cold wcabane-ours-percheater), are hidden behind the bed.

Maybe you will find the Bear hidden in the green oak, underneath the deck. Here is a clue: a picture of his face, taken by Juliette and Robin. Other pictures of the building of the Tree House can be seen on our Gallery. Thanks to Rémi Bécherel and his team Nid Perché, for bringing our sketches to reality.