On the spot

Activity whitout moving (or not a lot)


The « bancels » (terraces) all around the house have been settled for different crops (orchard/kitchen garden). Apart from the pergola, the terraces offer various relaxing spots equipped with benches and deckchairs. From spring until autumn, the human passage, the cropping and the natural growing of the wildflowers draw paths to these spots. On your way to the greenhouse, right before the child’s swings and the tree stump armchair, the hammocks hanging between chestnut trees and cherry trees await you. For the young children, we set a colorful toy house under the cherry tree.

A choice of walking paths and hiking trails starting from the house will give you access to landscapes where architecture is so closely bound to nature that houses seem to have grown right from the ground. Here no building can be dissociated from its environment due to the abundance of local construction materials (shale and granite, Douglas-fir and chestnut trees), and because the lines of these constructions match perfectly the natural ones. Follow the “faïsses” (terraces) through the flowered paths, and you will reach the Crest field, and admire the other valleys surrounding the Oustaou, under the benevolent watch of Mont Lozère.


Warm during winter, fresh in summer: you are welcome in our cozy and enjoyable lounge, where you can relax, find tourist information and all kinds of brochures, and maps, plan a hike, or read books about local environment, architecture or traditions.

If you have a laptop and want to stay connected, we provide free Internet access via 3G. Please be advised that due to the thick dry stone walls, there is no Wi-Fi inside the house. Inside the rooms and in the garden, you can access Bouygues, Free and Orange 3G network.

In the afternoon if the weather is uncertain, or after dinner, feel free to continue the evening in the pool room with your friends and the other guests. We have rules for multiple games for two, three or more players.